365 grateful: Day 248


We stopped at the vet to visit Alastor today and he was really excited to see us. He’s looking good and we’re hoping he’ll be able to come home (again) next week!


365 grateful: Day 245


After being syringe fed by me all weekend, Alastor finally ate a tiny bit of food on his own! unfortunately, he still lost weight despite my best efforts at keeping him hydrated and wasn’t acting his usual energetic self, so he went back to the vet for a few days for fluids, more antibiotics, and close monitoring. We miss him but want him to be healthy and ready to come home for good next time! ❤

365 grateful: Day 193


Merlin is always so snuggly and he’s been under the covers with me a lot today. He’s been having some tummy troubles and has a lost a lot of weight, but his bloodwork came back ok yesterday. We’re hoping it’s IBS mixed with the stress of a new kitten in the household and the loss of some of his cat companions in the past year. We’ll be starting him on steroids soon, so fingers crossed he improves and it isn’t a bigger deal!