365 grateful: Day 248


We stopped at the vet to visit Alastor today and he was really excited to see us. He’s looking good and we’re hoping he’ll be able to come home (again) next week!


365 grateful: Day 9


Today I am grateful for our amazing vet and the staff at Rainbow Veterinary Clinic. We picked them blindly from a Google search after moving here and couldn’t be happier with their services – especially as we’ve had several times where we’ve been there two to three times a week! They were extremely supportive when we suddenly lost Milky Way (age 8) to unknown heart problems and when his litter-mate/brother Cinnamon (age 9) was diagnosed with terminal cancer and had to be put to sleep just a few weeks later.  They love our rescued, deaf, chronically ill little peanut Tweak as much as us and have helped increase her quality of life and prolong her life long past what we were first told when she was diagnosed with cancer last year. Plus they’re great with our two mostly healthy cats, our anxious cuddlebug Merlin and his pretty sister/litter-mate Jiji.  ❤

As a bonus, I am also grateful that my car window finally warmed up/unfroze enough to roll down again! It makes swiping ito a parking garage six days a week so much easier!