365 grateful: Day 250


A little package I sent to my thee month old nephew, Joey, for his baptism today!


365 grateful: Day 199

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Day 199, we made it the rest of the way to Grand Rapids, MI for my sister’s wedding. Such an amazing weekend and so many photos taken. A sampling: the view from our swanky hotel room on the 20th floor, goofing around with my brother and sister-in-law at the rehearsal dinner (sangria!), snuggling my nephew with Jason, and my grandparents enjoying their great-grandson! (my grandma had her hip replaced today and is doing great so far!)

365 grateful: Day 175



My nephew Joey is one month old today! Here he is totally rocking one of the outfits Jason and I got him! Turtle power! ❤ Bonus pic: Jason and I have totally conflicting work schedules this week. So if we can’t be at home together, at least I can visit him at work and drink gorgeous, delicious lattes, while reading and watching the storms roll through! ❤