365 grateful: Day 250


A little package I sent to my thee month old nephew, Joey, for his baptism today!


365 grateful: Day 200

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A few photos from my baby sister’s gorgeous, classy, fun, vegan wedding! Too bad my phone and camera died so early in the night! Can’t wait to see the professional pics in a few weeks 🙂


365 grateful: Day 199

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Day 199, we made it the rest of the way to Grand Rapids, MI for my sister’s wedding. Such an amazing weekend and so many photos taken. A sampling: the view from our swanky hotel room on the 20th floor, goofing around with my brother and sister-in-law at the rehearsal dinner (sangria!), snuggling my nephew with Jason, and my grandparents enjoying their great-grandson! (my grandma had her hip replaced today and is doing great so far!)

365 grateful: Day 175



My nephew Joey is one month old today! Here he is totally rocking one of the outfits Jason and I got him! Turtle power! ❤ Bonus pic: Jason and I have totally conflicting work schedules this week. So if we can’t be at home together, at least I can visit him at work and drink gorgeous, delicious lattes, while reading and watching the storms roll through! ❤