365 grateful fail :-/

Life took some unexpected twists and turns and I fell away from this blog. I made it 250 days, but failed at a year of daily documentation of things that make me grateful.

I am still taking lots of pics of things that make me happy and thankful and trying to stay in a more positive mentality overall, even if I’m not posting it. So that’s a good thing.

Best wishes to anyone reading this. Maybe I’ll try again next year.


365 grateful: Day 245


After being syringe fed by me all weekend, Alastor finally ate a tiny bit of food on his own! unfortunately, he still lost weight despite my best efforts at keeping him hydrated and wasn’t acting his usual energetic self, so he went back to the vet for a few days for fluids, more antibiotics, and close monitoring. We miss him but want him to be healthy and ready to come home for good next time! ❤