365 grateful: Day 95



Came home from work this morning to discover Tweak had taken a turn for the worse overnight. I stayed up so I could monitor her (in a blanket fort) and she continued to decline. Luckily, Jason was able to leave work early and we were both with her late this afternoon when she lost her long fight with cancer. I’m grateful for all the extra days we had with her and that we both were able to be with her in her moment of passing. Her little paw has forever left our hands and we’ll miss her greatly. ❤


4 thoughts on “365 grateful: Day 95

  1. I am so, so sorry for your loss. I brought home two girls–littermates–in August 2012, and one of them has unexpectedly become very ill over the past couple months…

    I don’t know what kind of solace I’m finding in commenting here, but I must say that I am very relieved to see I haven’t been going through this alone. While the doctors have been hesitant to really talk about cancer, after weeks of inconclusive tests, I have this sinking feeling that that is what’s on my plate. They aren’t even 2 years old… It’s devastating how we come to love our cats so much, and suddenly have to face all the dreams you had for them in your family and how they might never come to fruition the way you once expected.

    I wish I could be so positive as you to find things to be grateful for every day…

    I am truly very sorry that you and Jason had to go through this, and I hope that if my Elly is preparing for the same battle, that her and Tweak are best friends on the other side 😥

    • Thanks, and I’m sorry you’re going through something similar. This is the third cat we’ve lost in under two years. The first two were brothers, relatively young (8 and 9 years) and in great health so the losses hit hard as they were unexpected. Tweak’s loss was hard as well, of course, but we did have a lot of time to prepare and grieved some in advance when she was first diagnosed. It’s never easy, though.

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